Naish and Hadley

The Cousins

Had a fun Sunday a couple weeks ago doing a photo-shoot of Naish with cousin Hadley after church. Turns out it’s really hard to get a 7 month old and a 2 year old to stay in one place and act like they’re enjoying it! Of the 100+ photos, we …

Naish in he Baptism outfit

Batptism Weekend

Posting a few images from Naish’s baptism this past Mothers Day weekend.  He didn’t even cry in Church! Thankful to have so …


All worn out

Long weekend celebrating little man’s Baptism! Must have worn him out – he slept a solid 12 hours last night, managing to …

All of the Czech's and Kaloupeks

Easter Weekend Photos

Little late posting these: Great Easter weekend at the Kaloupek estate with family, brunch, and church outdoors at Boone Hall plantation. Heidi’s …

More milk please!

Week 3 photos

Another week passed quickly by…. a few photos of the little guy.

This is my blue-steel look.

Week 2 Photos

Some photos from this past week. Starting to lock down some concept of a routine, slowly getting back into work, and attempting …

Little desk surfing while dad tries to get some work done.

Desk Surfing

After a long night of screaming with little consolation for the parents, what puts a baby to sleep? Well apparently the Communication …

Naish's Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday

In poking around the interwebs for vintage surfing posters for his baby room. I came across a classic poster for John Severson’s …

baby-WFH 051

Working from home with a baby!

first attempt at typing, swaddling, feeding and drinking coffee in front of a computer. Now, changing a diaper on a keyboard may …